Played Up by Stormkeeper

This section details my “Played Up by Stormkeeper” (PUbS) and “Played Up by Stormkeeper Live!” (PUbS Live!) sections; the former comprises of my Let’s Plays, and the latter is comprised of my live gaming streams. Additionally, info for “Storm’s Sunday Showcase” is under the streaming section, though it does share the stream with “Stormkeeper at Geeked Up Live!” (SGU Live!) on occasion.

Be sure to check out the entry marked for Sunday for further information and a timeline of what will be showcased; all the other days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) have either proposed games (Mon/Fri), or a list of current and a semi-permanent games that will be streamed (Weds), though the orders may be changed to space things out, or there may transfers to a Let’s Play series instead.

You can access my PUbS YouTube channel here, or a link to my Twitch channel here. If you wish to check out any more of my social media links, you can do so here. Lastly, if you want to know how I do anything on my stream, you can get answers to some of the most common questions here, which allows me to make the page as long as possible, to give comprehensive answers; I will update the page as and when new questions pop up, and I will list all the questions asked of me in a numbered contents section, so people know where to jump to on the page!