Stream permissions

This page lists all relevant links to the developers and publishers that grant permission to monetise, stream and, record videos of their games.

Note that some links are general permissions to third parties, whilst others contain my channel username, of which I have two. Please also note that some publishers have granted me permission via email/direct contact, using “Stormkeeper” as my identity. Note that Nintendo videos are currently in limbo, due to issues with monetisation. If they do appear on my channel, they will not be monetised.

Developers and publishers who have specifically granted permission to me, or Gamed Up will be listed below. If “Pending” is indicated in brackets, that means that I have not yet asked permission (but I plan to); “Clearing” indicates that I have asked permission, and I’m waiting for consent. Lastly, if “Stormkeeper” (or a variation of it), or “Gamed Up” is in the brackets, then official permission has been granted, and I/we have the email on file.

  • Sega UK (Pending)