My Hardware

This is a detailed list of my hardware and systems for anyone interested in that sort of thing

*Recording Gear*
USB or 3.5mm jack headset, depending on setup
3.5mm jack Microphone
OBS Studio 64-bit (Linux and Windows)
Roxio Game Capture Standard (480p) (upgrade Planned)
Generic USB composite video capture device (upgrade planned, seeing as it doesn’t record in colour for certain devices)
Future device: HDMI recorder

*Main Rig*
OS: Linux Mint 18.3 (pending upgrade to 19.1 when it releases) dual boot with Windows 10 Pro
CPU: Core i3-4150 3.5GHz (aiming to get a 4790K in the future)
GPU: GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB (eventual upgrade to 1070+ or 1170+ planned)
Storage Drive 1: 240GB SSD
Storage Drive 1: 2TB 2.5 inch SSHD
Optical Drive 1: Bluray reader
Optical Drive 2: Bluray writer

*Secondary Rig*
OS: Windows XP (Upgrade to Linux planned)
CPU: Opteron 180
GPU: GeForce GT 9600 512MB (“upgrade” to AMD Radeon HD 5770 1GB planned)
DD 1:
DD 2:
DD 3:
Optical Drive: DVD reader
Optical Drive: DVD-RW

*Laptop – Acer Aspire 8935G*
OS: Windows Vista Home 32-bit (Upgrade to dual boot of Win 10 Pro 64-bit & Linux Mint 18.x planned)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000
RAM: 4GB (8GB planned)
DD 1: 500GB (240GB SSD planned)
DD 2: 1TB HDD (possible 2TB SSHD planned)
Optical Drive: Blu Ray reader / DVD-RW

*Console Systems*
Note: System or accessory names in bold and italic are primarily used for Let’s Plays, streaming, reviews, or anything software or gaming related that requires that system.

Armiga (HDMI) (Amiga 500 & 1200 Hardware Emulator) (Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200)
Atari 2600 Jr (RF) (composite mod planned)
Future System: Atari 7800 (RF) (composite mod planned) (Atari 2600 and Atari 7800)
Atari 800 XL (Composite) w/ tape drive (Also SD2SIO reader for disks) (Atari 8-bit series)
Commodore 64C (RF/Composite/SCART) w/ 1541-II drive (Also 1541 Ultimate II, SD2IEC reader w/ Epyx Fastload cart, and SD card reader/tape drive emulator)
Future system: Commodore 64 “Breadbin” (RF/Composite/SCART) (different sound chip, and to compare the two)
Future System: Mega 65 (C65 remake)
Future system: Commodore 128 (RF/Composite/SCART)
Commodore Amiga 500 (RF/Composite) (unmodified)
Future system: Amiga 1200 (Unknown date)
Future system: Microsoft XBox One (HDMI) (November)
Nintendo N64 (PAL-Composite)
NES – NES Edition (PAL-Composite) (HDMI upgrade planned)
Nintendo Gamecube (PAL-Composite/Component) w/ Game Boy Player (HDMI planned) (GC and GBA games)
Nintendo Wii (PAL-Composite/Component)
(Wii and GC)
Sega Dreamcast (PAL-RF/Composite) (with SD card reader) (VGA/HDMI planned)
Sega Mega Drive (PAL-RF/Composite) w/ Master System Converter (Mega Drive/Master System Cart/Card)
Nintendo SNES (PAL-RF/Composite) w/ Super Game Boy (SNES and GB/GBC games)
Sony PlayStation 1 (PAL-RF/Composite) (PS1 model)
Sony PlayStation 1 (PAL-RF/Composite) (Standard model) w/ cheat cart
Sony PlayStation 2 Phat (PAL-RF/Composite/Component) w/ Network Adaptor & drive (OS install planned) (PS1/PS2 Games)
Sony PlayStation 2 Slim (PAL-RF/Composite/Component) (PS1/PS2 Games)
Sony PlayStation 3 Phat 60GB (HDMI) version (broken!) (PS1/PS2/PS3 Games)
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (HDMI) (Upgrade to SSHD planned) (PS1/PS3 Games)
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (HDMI) with 2TB SSHD
Future system: Sony PlayStation Vita TV (HDMI)

*Handheld Systems*
Game Boy Advance (Uses Game Boy Player/Super Game Boy for TV output)
Game Boy Advance SP (Uses Game Boy Player/Super Game Boy for TV output)
Game Boy Colours (Uses Game Boy Player/Super Game Boy for TV output)
Game Boy Pocket (Uses Game Boy Player/Super Game Boy for TV output)
Neo Geo Pocket
Future System: Neo Geo Pocket Color (Unknown)
Nintendo 3DS (XL upgrade planned)
Future System: New Nintendo 3DS XL (Unknown)
Nintendo DSi (XL upgrade planned)
Nintendo DS Lite
Sega Game Gears (cap replacement planned) w/ Master Gear Converter
Future System: Wonderswan (Unknown)
Future System: Wonderswan Color (Unknown)

I also have (or will acquire) various unusual devices that I’ll be reviewing as part of “Whatware” or “Whatware Gaming” on the relevant channels, some of which will use the above devices, some of them being their own thing, so watch out for those episodes!