Welcome to my (temporary) Geeked Up Network blog!

This blog is being used until I’ve got the Geeked Up Network’s webspace sorted out properly, and gives me a chance to put my thoughts relating to it in the meantime; don’t expect too many posts here, though it does give me a chance to make clarifications, announcements and so on relating to my geeky corner of the web, as opposed to on my personal blog (although even that’s seeing sporadic posts at present)!

In any case, this is set up also to provide a hub to any presences online related to my personal involvement with the Geeked Up Network, as well as being able to make posts at length about how things are developing, rather than stick it up on my Facebook page! In any case, I’ll be listing all my social media presences exclusively for the Geeked Up Network here, as opposed to trying to fir them elsewhere.

Lastly, please note that this blog will still remain, even when I’ve switched over to the proper site, although it will rarely be updated, unless there are some serious issues happening at the main site. As for where I’ll be putting the links to my other presences… not thought that through yet, but you’ll be able to find them easily enough, once they’re up!

Oh, and before I forget… do feel free to interact with me if you get the urge to, as I’ll definitely be interested in talking about many things, such as gaming, sci-fi, technology, and other things I can’t think of right now 😛