Streaming Slot Changes

I’ve decided that I’m going to move my Tuesday streaming sessions to Wednesdays instead, starting today (meaning that today’s session is now tomorrow). Part of the reason is that it may be too warm for me to stream today, but also I want to leave my Tuesdays free for certain events. Additionally, I’ve decided to add in a Friday session too, so this brings me to 3 x 2 hour streams a week; this setup has provision for expansion to 3 hours as of July, but for now I’m content in streaming 2 hours per session. Fridays are a bit earlier than the other slots, so I can keep my weekends mostly free, as I usually end up doing a lot of filming those days especially!

So right now, I’m looking at doing the following time slots – which may have been changed from before (now allowing for 30 minutes prep time):

  • Wednesdays: 19:30-21:30 (22:30 on last Wednesday)
  • Fridays: 18:30-20:30 (21:30 on last Friday, which actually is in June!)
  • Sundays: 21:30-23:30 (00:30 on last Sunday)

Those time slots will likely be kept for when I start in July, and gives a rough idea of the extended time slots if I decide to do any of them. Admittedly, I’m aware that I’m overlapping with some streamers that I occasionally watch, but at the very least I want to drop by around at least once a week to say hello, and watch their streams. The time slots have been chosen ultimately to enable me to facilitate certain events over the month that happen, especially as I’ll be doing stuff outside of streaming. For instance, from July, I’ll be doing “Pickups” and “Thrifts” videos every month (2 total), which will be published the last two weeks of the month; I haven’t worked out the order they’ll be as of yet, but I also need to look more closely at a calendar.

I’m also considering doing monthly Q&A sessions, but they’re for later consideration at present, and will initially be planned for Geeked Up and Gamed Up, with Q&As for individual team members coming later on, as and when there’s demand for it. One of the main reasons I’m not streaming at all in June (except for the last streaming day) is that I need time to take a step back and see what I can do to improve things, but also I’m extremely busy in June with a lot of my time being taken up elsewhere. I do hope to have a more solid schedule planned out between now and when I start up in July.

For this month at least, I don’t want to finish past midnight though if I need to from July, I’ll be looking into it after I’ve finished streaming for the month to see if they need tweaking. Right now, I haven’t really started scheduling other GUN or Stormhaven Media commitments, so I’m mostly free to stream at any time, but equally, I don’t want to stream too early either, as I want to reserve most filming for during the daytime. In any case, I will definitely need to have a more solid schedule done in July. I’ll be making the changes to all my schedules after I’ve finished this post,. so be sure to check my profile to make sure you have the times and dates memorised!

Until next time folks, catch you later on.