Plans and thoughts

I’m beginning to think that it may be in my best interests to start the mainline schedule in July (June isn’t possible because I need to schedule videos and other projects, all of which need to work with each other – plus I’m taking a series of breaks) as opposed to August because it gives me more time to build things up better, especially when I have to consider that I may be unable to stream for 2-3 weeks in December and January!I know I’m long-ranging it a bit, but equally, I need to have a clear plan for the remainder of the year, both so I know what I’m doing, and also for my own sanity; I also know how much time I have to make sure I’m game-ready as it were.

The other reasoning is that if I’m going to be working with other streamers or YouTubers (not just other Stormhaven Media and Geeked Up Network ones, though our schedules will be partially-arranged with each other in mind, when it comes to working together), plus I want to allocate time to watch a few streamers every now and again, even if I won’t be able to do it as often in the future compared to now. Additionally, I am considering changing my schedule for the proper streamings, and probably for a third day somewhere, though I also have provision to do 3 hours on some or all of the streams (depends on multiple factors, such as interest in me doing so however). That said though I may also put that third day into doing some sort of co-op stream with myselg and other GUC (Geeked Up Crew) members, or perhaps that’ll be its own separate thing on a given day, where we can also have provision for guests too, although admittedly, that’ll likely be something for next year… I have some ideas, but none that are really developed enough to share right now, especially as research needs to be done!

There is also the fact that I am considering monthly streams (not necessarily on Twitch or Twitch alone, or at least not with the view to being a partner on those channels) for Q&A sessions with the companies/branches (Stormhaven Media, The DiggerKrew, Geeked Up Network (GUN), and Gamed Up) as a whole, though they’d be comparatively short sessions. Talking about this is borderline in terms of appropriateness to GUN, but the thing is, GUN is a part of Stormhaven Media, and all of the Q&A sessions would be scheduled in relation to each other as a whole, rather than independently; I’m currently thinking that there’s one Q&A session a week, as although I’ve got three Patreons; one for Stormhaven Media, one for The DiggerKrew (as it’s practically its own beast and predates SM, plus the funding system and tiers are very different to it as a result), and lastly one for GUN. There would be gaming and non-gaming Q&As for GUN, and I don’t want them to go on for too long by combining them, so separating them into two separate streams (both figuratively, and also thought-wise) would be best, especially as I want the Q&As to to on for a specific amount of time.

In any case, this is all food for thought, especially as SM and GUN have yet to have any streaming accounts (outside of YouTube), plus I’m still 50-50 on if the DiggerKrew will need its own channel (though I am leaning towards it being needed), especially as we can occasionally livestream certain episodes, either as a regular thing, or specials, but that would require a lot of planning!

I’m going to stop it here, mainly because I’m getting too far away from the GUN side of things, but I thought I’d at least give people an idea of what is happening outside of it as well, as things don’t happen in a vacuum, especially given there’s a lot of stuff planned for the parent organisation (SM), its siblings (DK and other shows) and also the child branches (Gamed Up, as well as Stormkeeper at Geeked Up/Played Up by Stormkeeper and other “X at Geeked Up/Played Up by X” accounts). I’m nowhere near finished with anything, but I do hope to get something good started.

If you read all that, have a cookie… if you like what you saw, have another!

In any case, I do have a lot to do, though contrary to what people might think, I’m not alone with it… I’m essentially just doing a stream of consciousness, but also these are still plans I want to see realised with Stormhaven Media (and its branches) as a whole. It’s a long process, but it does need to be done!

I’ll catch you folks next time.