The Final Countdown (Phoenix Point Backer Build One)

So, it’s 5 hours roughly till Phoenix Point Backer Build One goes live, though admittedly I’ll be streaming it about 12 hours after it has been released, as I have to make sure my PC can play it and stream it too… I’m likely going to have to make some compromises with the graphics quality and resolution to make sure that it streams relatively smoothly; ideally I’d want it at 60 FPS, but if I have to for this build, I’ll compromise at 30+ FPS. That said, I’m not sure of the system requirements for the game right now, but I will be spending some time before streaming starts trying to balance out reasonable graphics with a good performance. In any case, I’ve got another 2 months to upgrade my hardware before the next build gets released.

It’s likely that the CPU will recieve an upgrade first, especially as I’m waiting to see what happens with the graphics card prices, although I’m ideally going to wait for the 11 series of GeForce graphics cars, although that said, a CPU boost may end up being the boost I need to get things a bit less taxing to stream! In any case, this is a testing month, so any issues that pop up, let me know and I’ll either try to fix them live on stream (if it’s pressing enough), or if it’s something minor, I’ll fix it for the next PC stream; PS4 issues might not be able to be fixed till I get separate streaming hardware for consoles, but again, I’ll make a note of any issues that occur. I don’t have a lot of options for streaming with PS4 (based upon my last testing session), so either I do 720p or 1080p, then either 30 or 60 FPS. Not really a lot of choice, I know… but that’s it for now. I will be looking into getting a video capture device which can also do streaming, but it’s likely that it won’t be deployed until July/August (when I start streaming).

Ultimately though, I’m expecting problems to happen with regards to the streaming as I work out the ideal settings that work with my hardware, be it in OBS, or in the game itself; to reduce complications (and also as I’m still not sure if I want to do a face cam style as of yet – I want to get a feel for streaming in general first), I won’t be engaging either (PC or PS4) of my cams this month, though there may be scope to do it when I properly stream. In any case, I don’t want to tax my PC more than it will be already; it’s only a dual core – better than my last one, but at the same time, I would rather focus on giving a good quality stream, as opposed to focusing on my face… I have other videos out there if you really want to see that 😛

Given that I have no idea how the game will proceed (though I’m familiar with how to play it and some of the mechanics as it’s similar to the new XCOM games), it’ll be a blind playthrough, and given that I’m aware that not everyone will have heard of this game before now, I’m open to people suggesting things to see what happens (as I’m curious myself, but also people may think of things I didn’t think of!).

Anyway, that’s it for now… I’m going to play things by ear for a bit regarding this, and keep you updated on how things go re streaming the game. I’m not expecting any issues at present, but sometimes they present themselves when things are actually in motion (because Sod’s/Murphy’s Law); as I said before, I’m prepared for and expecting things to happen, seeing as I haven’t done a test stream with my current hardware (or an LP for that matter), but it should cope better than my last setup in any case!