Updates on Streaming

Okay folks, given it’s just over a week till I’m supposed to start streaming on Twitch with my testing month… are there any game requests that people would like to see being streamed eventually? Admittedly I’ll probably be putting them in a list to look at streaming with my proper start from July/August; before then, I’ll be using to work out a schedule for streaming incorporating all the changes and equipment or other stuff I need to get. For the first 2 weeks, I’ll be monitoring how my hardware handles pure gaming (minus commentary or webcam, the latter of which I’m not going to be including this month, especially as I’m still working out if I’d want to do streaming with a camera pointed at my face!), and gradually bringing my voice in.

I’m expecting there to be some issues to occur over the month, so anyone who happens to be watching my (variably skilled) games playing, do feel free to give me feedback on your streaming experience, so I’m aware of what’s going on, as I’ll have my laptop logged into the chat rooms, and will respond that way; after everything seems okay in that regard, I’ll start adding my voice, with means that I (hopefully) won’t need to type to interact with people! Do keep in mind as well that (as stated on my schedule) I’m only going to be doing 2 hour sessions for each day I’m streaming, though will consider lengthening certain sessions from when I properly start streaming, depending on a variety of factors; keep in mind that I have to schedule my streaming when I’m not doing other tasks, such as recording video, editing, admin, or other stuff that requires my attention.

Additionally, even though I’ve decided on a time for half of the month’s sessions (the other half will be worked out within the next few days), that time – and the day – may be subject to change. Ultimately though, I plan to do a minimum of 2 hours per streaming session, and also a minimum of 2 streaming days, making for 4 hours a week minimum. I can’t think of anything else relevant right now, but if anyone has any suggestions, comments, questions, etc. about my plans for streaming, or just about what I’ll be doing, or even what the Geeked Up Network is doing (I’m the owner after all), feel free to do so below! The Geeked Up Network and Gamed Up both have presences here on Facebook, Player.me, and Twitter, as well as blogs (that aren’t updated very often right now >.>) on WordPress. Also, there’s a couple of groups for them on the Minds platform, if you happen to be there too.

In any case, I’ll try to hammer out the remaining 5 streaming sessions over the next couple of days, so there should be another, albeit shorter update!