An update on things

I’m a wee bit frazzled right now… but despite this, I feel like I’ve taken a pretty major step in organising stuff for Stormhaven Nexus as a whole, which means that I finally have an infrastructure going for one big part of my system, which is especially important for when I eventually will be fully deploying the 3 Patreon accounts over the next 12 months; I have to separate them into DiggerKrew, Geeked Up, and Stormhaven Media because they’ll all cover different things, and even if they’re all one company, the projects are sufficiently different for me to consider separating them (not least because there would be too many tiers otherwise!). This means that I can also link up social media to each account, as well as to each Discord server I have available for each Patreon, although the DiggerKrew and Stormhaven Media Discords are shared, so I need to see how that works.

In any case, much of this this is future stuff, but it’s worth mentioning now early on, because that’s how the Patreon setup will be. YouTube will probably not be financially viable until one or more YouTube channels get 1000+ subs, and 4000 watched hours over 12 months, so I’ll instead primarily be focusing my attention on Twitch. I’ve mentioned on Twitter, and to others that I plan to do a 10 day testing month in May for streaming, and so far 5/10 days have been decided upon, as well as a provisional time for streaming, that being 19:00-21:00. I haven’t yet decided on the remaining days, but I still have time for this. I would like to point out that as it’s a testing month, I’m effectively testing my hardware right now, so for the first couple of sessions at least, there won’t be any voice chat, because I need to see how well my equipment will stream bare, as it were, so I can see how my computer reacts to streaming just the game.

I have already streamed on my PS4 gaming, but I probably will do a repeat testing stream (taking notes this time), and gradually I’ll start to use a headset to interact with people, though I’m 50-50 on deploying the camera as well right now. It will definitely happen in the future, though it will probably happen a couple of months after I start officially streaming in July. Before all that though, I need to get the first episodes of SGU Thrifts and SGU Pickups planned. I am considering also using SGU Pickups as a monthly update thing too, just to save a bit of time overall, especially as it is going to be released round the end of the month anyway, or possibly the start of next… I need to nail down an exact day each month to publish the Thrifts and Pickups videos, just so I can work a schedule round each of them. I am hoping that very little editing will be required, so I can allow myself a couple of days to edit and schedule them before they’re due to go up, especially if I want to factor in 24-48 hour early viewings, or at least get used to that workflow for other videos for other channels.

With regards to my streams though, I will be backing them all up to my StormkeeperPU channel, seeing as I’m going to delay doing Let’s Plays a little bit longer, as I need to think about what I want to play, as well as rethinking my editing and recording methods; I’m also hoping that the streaming will enable me to be a better LPer in videos as a result! I have plans for other videos (besides the Thrifts/Pickups ones) for my Stormkeeper GU channel as well, but I’m not entirely sure what sort of videos I’ll do as of yet, though I have plans to bring Whatware to the Geeked Up and Gamed Up YouTube channels. I also have plans to finally get the game overviews/revisits done on my PU channel as well (at long last), but I need to see how far they’ve developed since I last picked up the keys, especially as some are possibly already released by now.

Coincidentally, I actually have stopped requesting review copies of (indie) games until I have cleared out my backlog (apologies to Kirklight Games for the extremely delayed putting out of a follow-up video so far! Also thanks to DustyofPodunk for keeping me on your list despite being unable to take on any new games as of yet) because I’ve unfortunately been unable to put my focus upon them due to health concerns. In any case, I need to start working on a basic review template to review games in the future, as it’s likely I’ll be the only one to do them for PC initially! With everything I need to plan, I’m going to need to get my arse in gear to make things happen, so I’m now thinking that it’ll probably be next year by the time things will start happening properly without any hiccups, which is why I’ll be phasing things in at a gradual pace, though keep in mind that I have a festival or two that I’ll be attending in the summer, so certain things may get delayed.

I also should mention that I have a presence on (where this will also get posted to as they have a blog system and it helps me get a little bit of money, albeit as cryptocurrency, but it’s something at least), seeing as it’s very much an up and coming social network, which seems to have a much better chance of staying around compared to the (sadly) short-lived Tsu platform, and I eventually see it being able to help finance things for myself and the Geeked Up Network as a whole. I am also on, if you want to follow me there, especially as I’m trying to push out all my status updates from there to my Facebook page now, with occasional pushes to my Twitch channel status. I’m pretty active on Twitter as well, if you ever want to drop by and say hello.

Lastly I should mention that you may see me on other people’s streams occasionally over the coming weeks, though I myself will not be streaming. I will mention where at the time I’m doing it, so you can pay the person I’m hanging out with a visit. I’m going to be using the experience to help improve my streaming technique, as well as using it to work with other streamers, and network… plus it’s just a lot of fun playing a game with others! In any case, I’ll keep you all updated on developments with what I’m doing, especially as my friend IndieGoth will eventually be doing streaming of his own (via XBox One), and whilst he will be doing solo things, he’ll also be streaming with other people too, and eventually we’ll do a joint stream, but we need to have some sort of system we can both play on first, so watch out for developments there too!

In any case, as the weather warms up, things over here should start heating up equally as much!

Until next time folks, take care and catch you later on.