Feeling the (Top) Buzz, and further updates!

So I was recently after getting an email (to my PR address too!) from TopBuzz about one of my streaming test videos (the second one to be precise), and they informed me that they were “very impressed” with it. Now admittedly, I personally wouldn’t regard it as my best work – especially as it lacked commentary, and by my own admission I played somewhat poorly (I got hit far too many times!) – but at the same time, if someone likes it, then I do appreciate it muchly, so thank you! In any case, I’ve been invited to the TopBuzz platform, and I have accepted their invitation, so I now have an account on there, which links this Facebook page, my Twitter account, my blog, and lastly my two YouTube accounts.
Admittedly, I haven’t had any new content anywhere in a while, as I’m still on a break of sorts, although I do plan to do a couple (read four, because in Irish English, “a couple” is more than two!) of “GU Thrifts” videos on my StormkeeperGU channel soonish; the first two will detail everything I picked up from charity shops and eBay (two separate videos) up till November, whereas the next two will handle December under the same two categories. I haven’t worked out exact timings for these videos, but it is very likely that I’ll be clustering charity shop and car boot sale acquisitions in one video (as they are the actual thrifts), but I’ll also have a separate video for my other acquisitions, which I’m going to call SGU (Stormkeeper at Geeked Up) Pickups, which means the new title for the Thrifts segment is SGU Thrifts”, which makes sense really!
In any case, the timings will probably be a bit screwy on the show until around April, as I want to spend the first quarter nailing down the format. At present, I’m looking at uploading the videos on the second Sunday of each month, or the middle Sunday (closest to the 14th/15th) for the next couple of months, keeping in mind that I’m always a month behind roughly when recording. This means that from March, I’ll be doing things in a much more consistent manner – plus it gives me time to plan out future routes, and get consent for my local charity shops to film my browsing! So far, I have only the permission of one charity shop chain, which I’ll talk about in my first Thrifts video, but I hope by March, I’ll have a more clear idea of my routes, and what charity shops/chains will permit me to film my browsing. Of course, this primarily applies to the shops within my local area, but for the national chains that are in my local area too, I can mostly assume that they’ll be the same case outside my area, and will factor that in accordingly.
That said however, it’s not just charity shops I’d be visiting in Thrifts, I’d also be doing boot sales, so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with some decent and more professional videos (especially as I’m going to be learning editing!) to upload from April. Prior to then however, I’ll mostly be matching the format to the Pickups series, which is me having the camera pointed at my face, and talking about the things I picked up from elsewhere, and what I plan to do with them, and any information I have on the items where possible. Occasionally I might change the angle to go first person, but in most cases, I’ll be camera facing. As far as timings go, I have just over a week left to film the October-November Thrifts and Pickups videos (which is where having the 2 weeks will be especially useful!), and will be sorting out the timings on a more consistent basis, so I can start scheduling when I should be filming, as well as the publishing schedules for each series that month. It’s likely that I’ll probably have the videos published a few hours apart, in order to stagger things out a bit better, but again I need to look at timings, and how they’ll fit in with the rest of my videos in the future.
I of course want to return to doing Let’s Plays, but I now need to start working out better scheduling for everything, to the extent that I’ll be picking up a diary and separate wall planner so I can get into a routine for publishing things better, as well as allowing me to work with my life commitments as well. In any case, I’m going to try to start being a bit more professional with it all. Keep in mind that I have other projects with Stormhaven Media as well, so the timings will be likely fitting around all my other commitments from now on, as well as my ongoing health issues, which unfortunately don’t keep to schedules. Ultimately though, I am hoping that with a bit of structure to things, it should make things easier for me to do what I need to, and get videos out when I need to as well as produce them, edit them, etc.  Of course, even with the 3 month lead time, I’m not expecting to get things right first time, plus you will still be seeing some video content from me in relation to Stormhaven Media (ShM), one way or another, especially given that Geeked Up Network (GUN) is now a branch within Stormhaven Media.
Lastly (at least for now), I should mention that you’re going to see a variety of solo and non-solo content from me (and other GUN/ShM staffers), where we do our own thing, and also team up where appropriate, be it in a joint show, or a coordinated Let’s Play or streaming session or anything else I can’t think of right now. In any case, we’ll see what happens over the next few months. Also, I should mention that you’ll start seeing details of our Patreon (or similar platform) pages for GUN, ShM, and the DiggerKrew within the next few months as well, but we still need to discuss everything as a whole, so don’t expect any additional updates just yet.
I would again like to thank TopBuzz for inviting me to their platform, and I hope that I’ll be able to put out quality content that meets their expectations. Other than that, I’d like to thank you folks for reading this, as it is a lot of text to take in, but hopefully it gives you some idea of where I want to start heading with my own stuff, as well as partially with Stormhaven Media and its branches as a whole. As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, questions and whatnot, feel free to comment wherever you see this post mentioned, or on the post itself.
Until next time folks, this is Stormkeeper signing off.