September-October 2017 Update

Right, first of all, welcome to the first proper monthly update! I’m not 100% sure what day I’ll schedule these for, but I’ll try to keep them within a window of a few days.

Okay, so I’m going to have to delay doing my streaming plans till early February now. Why? Well, I’m going to be visiting my family in mid-January (and attending an event whilst I’m there), and that kind of puts a damper on my streaming plans for that month. However, given that I’m doing that instead of going over for Xmas now, I’ll instead be using December (except for maybe Xmas-NY week) to build up some LP videos for January, and a couple of weeks into February (to give myself a little time to give myself a break from going away).

Additionally, I know I’ve been late with so many things, but I’m still not 100% healthwise, but I do plan to do a monthly “pickups” video for next week sometime, though I do want to start doing them in future on at the start of the month, ideally something like the first Tuesday or something, not sure yet..,. I’ll figure it out properly for next year. In any case, I will try to have these on a specific day as well, although January’s one will likely be a bit later in the month, due to the Xmas and New Year period.

As for the content of the first (tentatively called) “GU Pickups” video, I’ll be explaining about the format of the show, along with the timeline for “GU Thrifts” as well, and in order to keep a level of consistency with the 2 formats (which will run concurrently), I’m going to dedicate one video to my charity shop pickups, and one for my eBay pickups. Keeping in mind that I won’t be going into too much detail with either video, unless I have reason to. I may also film a third video doing a monthly update/questions thing as well, and as I’m typing this out, I’ve decided that I’ll be doing the monthly videos for the first string of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the Monthly Update going first, followed by GU Thrifts (which will follow the GU Pickups format till January or February), and lastly GU Pickups – eBay & Amazon (if there’s something of particular interest with the latter).

Again, keeping in mind that until next year, GU Thrifts is basically going to follow a similar format to GU Pickups, especially as I’m still trying to work out how I’m going to do charity shop runs (paths and timings, etc), plus I’m also asking permission to film in my local charity shops, especially as I’ll probably start going there frequently. I already have permission from one chain of charity shops – and I thank them for granting me permission – another, I’m not having the best luck with, and another still, I’m not yet sure what the story is, so it’s likely that I’ll be doing a hybrid of in-store footage, as well as me showing off what I picked up. Keep in mind as well that I’m not just looking at computer games (though they are a major part of what I’m looking for), so there may be other things that pique my interest.

In any case, the first GU Thrifts will cover the last week of September, and all of October, up till the day of filming, as will GU Pickups, though future videos will cover the time between filming videos. As for the Monthly Updates/Question Time, that will follow a similar format, except I’ll only be accepting questions up till a week before filming; this means that once the current video is uploaded (which ideally will be the first Monday of every month where there is a full week that occurs in that month), people will have until the last week of the month being covered to get their questions in. Granted, I’m not expecting a Q&A session to happen for a while yet, but the reason for this is that I need time to go through all the questions, and pick a certain number to answer (also seeing if there’s any overlaps in questions), plus I want to do similar for Gamed Up and Geeked Up Network (all non-gaming questions), and I’ll likely need a week to sort out all the questions anyway.

As some of you are likely aware, the Adpocalypse has hit a lot of YouTube content creators – including myself – which means that I now need 100k lifetime views on all of the channels I personally operate under the Geeked Up Network, as well as the main Geeked Up Network channels, although for now, the latter channels (when I last looked) still have monetisation enabled, whereas mine don’t. That said of course, the 100k lifetime threshold is some time away, plus it only means that I’ll be reviewed for it, rather than assuming that I’ll be granted it right away. In any case, now that my health is starting to improve somewhat (despite, as I said before not being at 100%), I’m at least going to put out those 3 monthly update type videos, and finally get around to addressing some of the the outstanding games I was supposed to give an overview of!

Given that I don’t yet have a powerful enough CPU to play a particular game, I’ve had to hold off on doing anything about it, though I am hoping that I can do at least a couple of games without too much hassle from the 16th of November, on Thursdays (of which there will be 3 left including the 16th). The times for all of these videos have yet to be decided, but I’ll say more when I finally have worked out the way I’m doing things. Each of my monthly videos will last between 15-30 minutes roughly, as will the overview videos. As for Let’s Plays, I’m going to wait till either December or January to tackle them, just to give myself a little space for the videos that will be happening this month. The GU Thrifts and GU Pickups videos will be done in a somewhat quick and dirty format, which means that they won’t need a lot of time to be prepared. This is because I want to have some videos that don’t take as long to prepare, both because it’s a bit less stressful for me, and they’re only supposed to be quick summary videos to show what I got in slightly more detail than just photos (which I’ll also be taking and sending to Instagram after I’ve published the video)!

The monthly update is going to be slightly more scripted, as well as synched up with the blog post (which I’ll be using to explain things in more detail where necessary), though still mostly a quick and dirty shoot. Other videos will probably be a bit more scripted this time, especially my overviews videos. And just so you’re aware, my monthly videos will be on my StormkeeperGU channel, whereas the overviews will of course remain at my StormkeeperPU channel. I’m going to retain the two channel format, because I want all my gameplay related videos (which will also have a slightly different audience, I expect) on a separate channel, to prevent any overloading. This may change in the future, depending on other factors and feedback, but for now, this is how things will be, and it will also be the same for every other member of the Geeked Up team who does the same as what I do. Keeping in mind that in my case, I use my StormkeeperGU channel for primarily non-gameplay content, with my StormkeeperPU channel is exclusively gameplay.

As the year closes out, things should start taking proper shape though, as I’m still in my early stages. That said however, if you have any feedback, feel free to comment here, on my page, or on any of my other social media profiles, and I’ll be sure to see what I can do to incorporate it into future videos, and stuff.

I’m going to stop it here for now, as I’ve gone on for a while now, but hopefully I’ve given you some idea of what I have plans to do over the coming months. As always, I’ll let you all know what’s happening as it happens.

Until next time…