Sorting out my spaces

I’ve realised just now that I’m going to really have to organise my “Stormkeeper at Geeked Up Project” (SGU Project – as I’m going to call it) so I have a clearer plan for what I need to do. Naturally for certain sites, I’m always going to just have the one combined account account, as that’s all that’s needed for management of things. My main thing is always Stormkeeper at Geeked Up, but Played Up by Stormkeeper is both a sub-section of the former grouping, as well as also under the “Played Up” brand, which outside of a blog (for video and stream aggregation), and maybe a Discord presence is pretty much folded into Gamed Up as a whole.

Overall though, this is how I’m planning to manage my public facing presences, and I imagine that other staff members working under the “At Geeked Up” label will have a similar setup. Obviously this applies to me mainly, but you could realistically apply any username in place of “Stormkeeper”, and it will make sense. Keep in mind however that I’m always going to have the maximum amount of presences, mainly because I’m testing the platforms

One Account – Stormkeeper at Geeked Up (StormkeeperGU)

  • Discord
  • Facebook Page
  • Minds
  • Mixer
  • PSN
  • Steam
  • StreamMe
  • Twitch (Gaming streams automatically pushed to “StormkeeperPU” YouTube account)
  • Windows/Xbox Live

Two Accounts – Stormkeeper at Geeked Up (StormkeeperGU)/Played Up by Stormkeeper (StormkeeperPU)

  • VidMe
  • YouTube (Note that game streaming will happen only on “StormkeeperPU” account)

This post will be updated as and when I recall other things that apply to me, but naturally I do have other, less public facing accounts which aren’t relevant here. Please also do keep in mind that in the case of Discord and my “gaming network” accounts, they are also my personal accounts too, so don’t expect (in the case of the later accounts) that I’ll always doing stuff under Geeked Up with them, it’s just that in those instances, using my personal accounts works out better, mainly because they’re older, lived in accounts, with activity and a lot of games on them. I do have 2 other Steam accounts, but they’re nothing to do with Geeked Up, and one of them is being used as a developer account (for Stormbit Interactive), whereas the other is used for LAN gaming, because on Steam, if you want to play LAN, you need more than one copy of a game!

Anyway, over the coming months, people should see some changes to my social media presences. For instance, given that Minds has its own blogging system, I shall be blogging both there, and also on (which will eventually be moved to a self-hosted WP solution). Seeing as I’m already set up for it on Minds, I will be monetising every blog post I make on here, in order to help fund any expenses incurred related to this project, which includes computer and gaming hardware, software, games, equipment, and so on, as well as likely something being sent over to the Geeked Up Network. I’m kind of taking a bottom up approach here, but this is mainly because none of the overarching organisation stuff is fully organised, but before the end of next year, I’ll have a better system in place to facilitate things.

This also means that I’ll be monetising the other Geeked Up Network (GUN) accounts on Minds and also replicating the blog setup there too. I also have plans to sort out the GUN Patreon, but also try to set up some sort of monthly subscription thing on Minds too, but I don’t quite know how that’ll work as of yet, especially in conjunction with Patreon. I’ll work something out in time, but for now I’m working on my SGU Project primarily, because it’s a smaller thing to work on, plus I need to set out standards for staff being semi-independent. There will of course be some Geeked Up Network videos, but there won’t be very many, at least till next year when I have a further coherent strategy.

In any case, as always, I’ll keep you all updated on what’s going on, because I’m hopefully going to be able to make things simpler and easier for me in the long run, though it will take some doing!

Catch you guys later on.