Don’t Cross the Streams!

Title because Ghostbusters (the original one!) is timeless, and it’s an appropriate title!

Anyway, some of you may have watched me do a couple of streams playing (somewhat badly at times!) The Binding of Isaac (without commentary) for around 3 hours in total (or at least the videos are now available to watch here – and will be on my YouTube channel soon)… this was essentially so I could test my connection, and see how my PS4 deals with just steaming games in 720p (at 30 and 60 FPS). I have plans to test at 1080p under the same conditions within the next few days, and will be using this entire month to test various combinations on my PS4 and also my PC for streaming just the game. As time goes on, I’ll be adding in my voice to the streams, though that won’t happen for a while yet, as 1) I need to check to see how well my connection holds up with streaming just games, and 2) I don’t yet feel confident enough to talk on a live stream, let alone doing it in pre-recorded videos!

It may be that I hold off from proper streaming until early next year on my channel as I have a lot to do elsewhere, not only with Geeked Up and Stormhaven Media, but with my life in general, so I’ll have to play it by ear. What is likely to happen is that I’ll be dedicating a month to each system I plan to stream on, and testing all the various configurations and things for streaming before I start properly moving into it. There will be the odd Gamed Up “Team Stream” (in this case streaming to the Gamed Up Twitch channel) which will happen between now and the end of the year, but they’ll likely be somewhat spontaneous until next year, from around February, which gives me (and us!) time to work out a consistent schedule, so we can be all professional, like.  Well, it’s more so people are aware of when we’re going to be streaming.

I will say however that I want to mix games up a bit, so I may either switch games within the next stream I do, or each stream will be a different game; likely the former option will happen just so I can mix things up a bit with my stream, although it will likely be in the future that I stream one game for 2-3 hours per session, although with certain Team Streams, you’ll see multiple games within a slightly longer stream, though those plans have yet to even be considered or discussed, so I can’t say what they will entail yet, as scheduling needs to be sorted, plus also who wants to participate (maximum of 4 people), although it may be that we run below our max for a while.

With regards to me however, I have plans to do (on the PS4) The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth (I’ll have to get Ab+ when I can, and I need the practice for doing LPs on PC!), Road Not Taken, and Rogue Legacy for starters, though I’ll probably stick with “short session” games for the duration of all the stream tests, mainly so I amn’t put into too difficult a situation ending the game to prepare for another, even if I overrun somewhat because I’m having a particularly good run! I will say however that I’m only now starting to get back into gaming more frequently (as well as getting a bit more used to playing on a PS4, as I’m a keyboard/mouse PC gamer primarily!), so I may end up being a bit crap at the games for the first few sessions, as that’s either because I’ve actually started playing them, or I’m getting back into the rhythm of playing them (especially Isaac)!

In any case, even though I’m not yet doing voice chat, I will be occasionally engaging in the text chat, though as I’m more focused on the game, I may not be able to reply unless I’ve either taken a break from the game for a couple of minutes, or I’m in the process of switching games. You will eventually get voice chat from me, but I’m debating doing the camera as well at present; it may be that it’ll be for special occasions ultimately, but it won’t be until February next year in any case (on my channel at least), as I want to first sort everything out with my flat, especially as it needs tons of organisation! I’m still not sure how the cam will work for the Team Streams at my flat, but they won’t be very frequent, though I apologise in advance for the state of the living room… it will be fixed by the end of the year!

In any case, I haven’t forgotten my outstanding game overview videos, although I’ll probably have to move some of them to October, though I did promise I’d do one game in September, and that still will happen! Other games, I’m going to prioritise for October (and maybe another in September if I time things right!), with the ones at the end being done in November, as I’m going to now try to do them on a weekly basis, rather than fortnightly. I will say however that the one needing the i7 will be scheduled more towards the end (along with the ones still in the early stages), because I have as of yet been able to source an i7 CPU!

In any case, this is a current state of affairs regarding me and streaming, as well as the game overviews. Let’s Plays are yet to be thought about, but hopefully I’ll be able to start them in November or December, though I’ll have to stockpile them up to see through the Festive Season. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll start with, but it’ll probably be some sort of rogueli*e as they’re somewhat easy to work with. It may be that I LP The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ on my PC, as I’m hoping that I’ll feel a bit more confident with talking and playing at the same time by early next year, but it will take time, as I haven’t properly gamed in a while, and my confidence has taken a knock over the past few years.

In any case, I’m hoping that the coming months will enable me to find my gaming legs again, as well as improve my commentary as I play, though I may have to change my plans as time goes on if I feel I’m not yet ready! Either way though, I’ll be outputting something, even if it’s not gaming-related, or anything to do with Geeked Up. I will say though that advice, feedback, etc. is welcome because although I’m sometimes aware of mistakes I made during recording, or after I’ve watched back, I’m not aware of everything I’ve done. If you do give any form of communication, I do appreciate it and will try to respond ASAP!

Anyway, I’m rambling a little, so I’ll stop it here. If there’s anything you’d want to see me (or Geeked Up) cover, either comment below, or post on my (or Geeked Up’s) Facebook page (or other social media places), and we’ll see what we can do! Please note that I may decide to move it to be covered by Stormhaven Media, if it’s a good idea, but I can’t fit it in under Geeked Up.

In any case, that’s it for now… catch you guys later on.