Stormkeeper at… Stormhaven Media?

Although my social media accounts are mainly dedicated to my Geeked Up shenanigans, you may start seeing stuff from Stormhaven Media creep in on occasion. This is because Geeked Up is a part of Stormhaven Media, and also because I really don’t want yet another “personal business” account to manage, so it may be that I’ll change my Facebook, Minds, and Twitter usernames to reflect the change.

Otherwise, it is business as usual for me, but at the same time, I don’t expect much in the way of other Stormhaven Media stuff to constitute much of the content on here, as this is – and generally always has been – my personal geeky space, and apart from some relatively minor things, I can’t think of many Stormhaven Media things to cross over to here, but it’s a case of seeing what happens.

Admittedly, that was a bit of a circular paragraph just now, but it’s hard to predict what might happen in the future. In any case, it should be business as usual, though I should forewarn folks that I may have to wait till October before I can start doing some major things here again! I’m still resting up from a brief bout of illness, so my planned output might be delayed a little longer, although given that I did tweet to a developer that I’d have another look at their game this month (Ballistic Tanks), you will at least see a video of that this month, although I might just do a post-release overview/semi-review this time around on the Gamed Up channel, just to give it some proper content, although equally, I might do that overview on my channel, along with a proper overview later, though I have plenty of time to rest up and think!

In any case, I’m going to see about releasing 2 DiggerFeast videos (possibly unedited) this month, as I’ve delayed things long enough… I need to start learning how to edit videos at some stage, as well as making sure that we have all the stuff we need at the time for filming, but again I still have time for that.

Truth be told, I’m still in a bit of a daze and I have been for much of this year to be honest. I’m not slacking overall, as I have started to get the ball rolling with a system (I even helped Ollie set up his Geeked Up Network stuff properly) to run everything, but despite working with Ollie, for now, everything is very much a one-man show. This, coincidentally is why I have dedicated more time to my “Stormkeeper at Geeked Up” brand (outside of the DiggerFeast) because I’m using it to set up a wider system to be used (as well as setting up a system for staff to work to), and also it’s easier for me to administer this right now, because it is designed for primarily a one-man show. I have been looking at websites that can be used for myself and the websites as a whole, as well as the staff when they properly come in, so things are somewhat more manageable working this way, although as you can see, I still do struggle.

Whilst it’s true that I have set up Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and some Instagram, Minds, Twitter, VidMe, and WordPress presences, I’m still not fully complete in that area, but I’d rather have the framework there and ready to go, as in some respects, I at least have a plan of where I want presences, plus having multiple pages and channels on Facebook and YouTube are easier to set up from a single account multi/login system, as opposed to needing one account per email for most other accounts – except WordPress, but I want to hold off on any more blogs until I get actual websites up – which means that they’re quicker to deploy. This does actually help me, because when I haven’t been able to do “heavy work” (i.e.: recording, or learning/doing video editing, or wrangling web server stuff), I have instead been doing some of the lighter work of deploying social media and related accounts, so as to reserve the name, as well as other little bits.

In any case, I do feel bad that I haven’t done videos in months, but when my health limits me, there’s only so much I can do. I do at least try to interact with other people via Twitter, YouTube, et al. which means that I will be able to open the door for possible future collaborations, but also it helps to network within this community anyway, as it gets you known, and also you get introduced to some more interesting people, which can help inspire you, as well as obviously getting to see some cool things!

For instance, my upcoming (whenever I can get the formats and equipment nailed!) “Whatware” (and “Whatware Gaming”) and GU Thrifts shows are inspired by Lazy Game Reviews (LGR), and to a lesser extent, Nostalgia Nerd (shoutouts to you both!). The two Whatware main series – though there is at least a sub-segment planned, which has been inspired partially by Ashens, and a few other youtubers, tentatively called “Whatware: Foreign Wares”, which essentially is about knockoff things from other countries, such as the numerous Chinese NES clones (Famiclones) – have been inspired somewhat by LGR’s Oddware (along with other people who review the Famiclones), but it will have a more DiggerKrew-type slant to it, most notably the DiggerFeast (which has had influences from our own DiggerCast, as well as from Brad Tries and Ashens – amongst others, both of whom have helped us with interesting food ideas, though we have come up with our own ones as well!

As for GU Thrifts, that has a direct influence from LGR Thrifts, and to a lesser extent, GBR Thrifts (mainly because it allowed me to see the feasibility of it in the UK, but I still need to work out the camera stuff!), which has given me some ideas about recording future visits to charity shops and car boot sales (when I can get to some), although I still need to work out how filming works in the charity shops (obviously, no faces are to be shown!). In any case, I have all these ideas I need to put out on paper, and refine, so it’s very likely that some of these ideas may start happening from next year, as generally speaking, the last 2 weeks of December, and first 2 weeks of January tend to be a bit “hectic”, given the festive season. That said of course, this means that I’ll probably try to start the GU Thrifts from next month or November, with Whatware happening in about February, which gives me time to get GU Thrifts settled in, as well as avoiding the Festive Rush, as I generally end up going away for a week or two, although I will probably film my trawling around charity shops in Ireland as well.

As far as things go though, I think it will be realistically about a year till everything starts working as I intend it to, factoring in everything. You will get to see content, but things aren’t going to be a smooth ride just yet. If needs be, I’ll delay the DiggerFeast start again till October, just so we can set policies in place, and make sure we start editing videos where required! Additionally, I have plans to set up a total of 3 Patreons, because I’m realising that 2 wasn’t feasible in some respects. Whilst the Stormhaven Media and Geeked Up Network (GUN) ones are in place (but not yet ready to go), I’m going to need a third one for the DiggerKrew. This is because although it’s a part of Stormhaven Media -like GUN is – it actually predates Stormhaven Media, which means that it has a unique set of requirements, not least because I have the Diggerventures Project off the DiggerKrew as well, which is semi-independent from the rest of the DiggerKrew in that it’ll have a separate blog, FB Page, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Put another way, the DiggerKrew is too large to be put under Stormhaven Media in general, and it would otherwise overshadow it, plus as well as that the separate Patreon would allow us to fund things for the DiggerKrew overall (with a portion going to Stormhaven Media), such as the World Trip, and food, drink, and other curiosities for the DiggerFeast, in addition to some on-location stuff. There would be a pool of money also set aside to be sent to Stormhaven Media to purchase equipment, because Stormhaven Media will own all equipment used for all projects, as it’s most cost-effective that way. I haven’t yet worked out the specifics, but they’ll come to me eventually.

Anyway, I’ve said enough for now. Consider this a quasi-monthly update from me, except I think I haven’t yet settled into a pattern for that. In any case, at least I’m trying to update things! In the future (probably from October), I’ll be doing Monthly Updates from a particular day (the first one) of the month, and that’ll be how it is from there on, just for the sake of consistency. Occasionally, they might be delayed, depending on factors (especially if they fall on Xmas/NY), but otherwise, they should be consistently posted. I think I wanted to say something else, but alas, it eludes me right now.

In any case, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc. then please do let me know and I’ll respond as best as I can! If you have read all this, then help yourself to a cookie at the end… you’ve deserved it!

Until next time folks, catch you later on.