GOG Pinata Madness Finale

Okay, so this one slipped under my radar till now.

GOG has had a “Pinata Madness” sale going on for a while, and it’s now the finale… so I decided to pick up 10 games to see what I got. Initially, I picked up 4 to make around £10, but then I decided… why not go for 10 and see what I get, so I did! I should also note that the value of the games will be from $5.99-44.99, with a single pinata purchase being at $3, so no matter what you’ll be making some savings at least.

Here’s the list of the 10 games I got:

  1. Codename: ICEMAN – £4.79 (Didn’t have)
  2. Pilot Brothers – £4.69 (Didn’t have)
  3. Day of The Tentacle Remastered – £10.99 (Didn’t have on GOG)
  4. Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut (not actual version I recieved, but provided for videos/screenshots) – ~£29.99 (Didn’t have on GOG)
  5. Meridian: Squad 22 – £11.69 (Didn’t have)
  6. Space Rangers HD: A War Apart – £11.69 (Didn’t have)
  7. Kyn – £14.99 (Didn’t have)
  8. Killing Time – £7.79 (Didn’t have)
  9. King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North – £11.69 (Didn’t have on GOG)
  10. BattleZone 98 Redux – £4.99 (£14.99) (Didn’t have on GOG)

So out of the 10, I got 6 games I have never had before, and 4 games I had elsewhere but not on GOG, which isn’t too bad, especially as I do like having additional copies of games I have elsewhere on GOG for backup and portability purposes, because it’s easier to get games working via GOG compared to one of the other platforms, especially if you’re not online!

Anyway, the total for 10 Pinatas cost me £29.90, with the total value of all the games being around £123.30 (non-sale prices), which isn’t too shabby! Kyn definitely intrigues me the most, given its setting and genre. The other games I didn’t have before intrigue me too, and the ones I already had elsewhere, at least 2 of them are classics. I used to play the hell out of BattleZone multiplayer back in my early days of internet and gaming, so I have some fond memories, which I hope to rekindle soon.

Of course, only 2 of the games (DOTT and Wasteland 2) are on Linux, so I have to boot into Windows 10 to play the rest, unless they work on WINE, but in some respects that might end up being a lot of hassle, so we’ll see what happens over time. In any case, if you’re even slightly tempted to indulge in the GOG (Pinata) Madness, you should do so very soon, as it’s only a matter of time before the sale ends (the FAQ states “The 2017 Piñata Madness sale will last until August 21, 2017, 9:59 PM UTC”)!

If you do end up doing it, be sure to tell me what you got so we can see what games are available, but also to see how lucky you got! Keep in mind as well that the games will not be duplicates (unless you have the entire GOG library, or at least all the games that are in the sale!), so you’ll always get a unique game with each choice, and will save at least 50% on its price, if not more. Ultimately though, I’m happy with my choices, as these are actually genres of games that I’d play, as well as games I’d ideally want on GOG anyway, so I have a backup location, though they may need additional DLC to get them exactly like the versions I have elsewhere, or at least considered fully complete, though the games themselves are fully standalone.

Anyway, I have an update post coming up after this, so I’m going to stop it here for now.

See you guys in the next post!