3 game overviews!

Whilst I’m still not yet up to doing Let’s Plays (I’m going to be tacking that in September/October time now), I am at least going to be tacking 3 game overviews, done in a similar style to the Ballistic Tanks overview I did what is now months ago, though I do need to get back to that game as well, as some changes have been made to it since I last looked at it!

In any case, this time round, I’ll be doing the following games:

  1. Fragmentum (by lundar), which is a 3D voxel RTS and unit design game, still in active development.
  2. Castle Battles (by Light Arc Studio Ltd), which is a unique “streamlined” top-down strategy action game.
  3. Cooking Witch (by VaragtP), which is a casual action game in which you play a witch that has to abduct children from a party in the woods and upgrade your character with power-ups!

Certainly somewhat varied selection of games, and by the looks of it, different gameplay mechanics as well!

In any case, I have decided now that I’ll release an overview of one game a fortnight (2 weeks) for now, and on a Sunday, which should give me enough time to make sure the game gets a fair play, and also means that I can keep to a regular schedule, as after these 3 games, I have no more games to do, so I want to lengthen it out a bit! When I get more games to do on a regular basis, I’ll start doing one game a week. That said of course, the fortnightly pattern is also down to the fact that I’m still not really well enough to do Let’s Plays, but equally, I need to do the content.

I’m hoping that by doing a fortnightly schedule with game overview videos, which are essentially around 30 minutes every 2 weeks. I’m going to also start writing up data sheets on the games too, so I have access to all the info I need, and unless otherwise stated, I’ll be doing the recording in OBS for the games in Windows 10 for now, even if I primarily use Linux, because I need to still properly set it up to make sure there’s parity with Windows.

In any case, the first game I’ll be doing will be Feagmentum, and following the order I indicated, publishing on the 30th of July. I may end up being able to do some stuff for the subsequent games a bit sooner in some respects, but they will always work to the every fortnight release pattern. I admit that this means that the overviews of the games will end up being delayed by some number of months, but better late than never, I say!

Lastly, I’ll see what happens regarding Let’s Plays, as I may hopefully be able to get myself more “fighting fit” for doing a game in September or October, though I’ll probably start with something light. Of course, would you like to see me continue with one of the games I left off from, or would you like to see me tackle another game? Let me know via whatever communication channel you deem appropriate.

In any case, that’s it from me for now. If you have any feedback to give, feel free to comment below, on any of my social media outlets, or tweet me!

Until next time…