I’m now on VidMe x2!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I’m now on VidMe, both for my Stormkeeper at Geeked Up channel, and also on my Played Up by Stormkeeper channel!
Granted, there are a couple of cosmetic hiccups between the two channels, but they’re otherwise looking how I’d want to. Access them via the links below.
Please note that only StormkeeperGU has any videos right now, and that video is mirrored from YouTube. Future videos will be uploaded to YouTube first, then mirrored to VidMe about 24 hours later, though this system is subject to change. In any case, you now have an alternative to YouTube if you don’t want to watch videos there for some reason.
Lastly, there will eventually be some subscription options up, as well as bringing other Geeked Up Network and Stormhaven Media Youtube channels to VidMe in the future; I’m just currently trialling the system myself right now to see how it will all work.
If you’re on VidMe, be sure to subscribe, or even subscribe to my YouTube channels, or follow me on Twitch and my other stuff… every subscription/follow helps me out, and in the wider scheme of things, the Geeked Up Network!
Thank you for your continued support, as it does mean a lot!