It should be noted that although my content is currently gaming and computer/tech related, I do also cover other “geeky” things too… it’s essentially whatever I’m interested in that is under the “Geeked Up Network” banner, which also includes, music, comics, books, and other stuff.
I just happen to be on more of a gaming kick myself personally right now, which is why there are other pages for Geeked Up and Network major branches, so people can follow what interests them the most; this is essentially a mixed bag, but primarily governed by what I’m interested in sharing at the time.
Seeing as I’m the only one actively doing any posting right now, posting to the pages is slow, but there are 4 broad sub-groups that are a part of the Geeked Up Network; my page is pretty much my more personal stuff in relation to the site, rather than me injecting my bias more into posts, which I like to try to keep as neutral as possible with where I can.
Anyway, the pages are:
Entertainment and Arts at Geeked Up (going to be called “Actioned Up”)
Also, not forgetting Geeked Up Network Chat, where everything can be discussed.
There was a page dedicated to animation and comics too, but I’m folding it into Entertainment and Arts, as I can just do the divisions in the YouTube channel, and also doing separate blogs for things, especially now I can set up a web server. I was planning on merging Hacked Up into SciTech, but as I’ve stated previously, the traction on that page is growing, and I’ve not yet properly promoted the page (which is impressive), plus I think that SciTech needs to be handled in a more different approach anyway; Hacked Up is grounded in a more technical background anyway, whereas SciTech is supposed to be for the layperson, or non-technical people to grasp.
In any case, those 4 pages are the broad categories that the Geeked Up Network works with now, although sometimes you’ll find other things clustered under the “Geeked Up” banner. I’ll again note that I’m the only person doing anything as of yet, hence the slowness of posts, but that should change later on in the year, once I’ve started to set up a more stable foundation.
Lastly, I should also mention that any requests or suggestions you make via this page will usually be handled under Geeked Up, or one of the indicated branches; I’ll only put something about it here if it is something I’m interested in covering, and even then, I may decline to go into too much detail with it, and opt to do a proper video under one of the main branches anyway, if it needs a wider audience. If it’s something very niche, and I’m interested in it, it’s more likely that I’ll handle it, but you may also see one of the other team members handle it too on their channels, so they can give their own impressions on it.
In any case, things should start taking shape soon, and become a bit more defined over time.