Many plans

Due to the imminent release of Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition, I am instead swapping the mystery game (which still remains a mystery!) for this. Admittedly, this game is very text heavy, so I’ll likely be doing the game in roughly 20 minute chunks at a time, which will amount to 1 hour a week. I’m not entirely sure of the scheduling, but I will say that in order to accommodate PST:EE, I will be doing the episodes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, with the first episodeĀ happening on Tuesday the 18th (a week after its release on the 11th), in order to give me a chance to record the episodes, and edit them for upload and publishing.

With this in mind, due to me needing time to sort out the scheduling for any videos I’m involved in, SOTS: The Pit will restart on the 10th of April, with recording starting earlier that month. These episodes will weigh in at up to 25 minutes each, and will be recorded on a single run basis, being split up into an appropriate amount of episodes, according to how long the run lasts. Do keep in mind that the run might actually last more than a week (if I do particularly well, although I rarely last longer than an hour!), although I’ll edit out the superfluous stuff, and I will perform a short recap of the previous episode at the start, as well as giving a short overview of the run I’m about to go on, as well as a little about each character I’m going to play. Other than that, it will only be at the end of the run that I’ll reflect upon things shortly, before I sign off.

Keep in mind too that I’m coming back to this after a pretty long break, although I have and will listen to any feedback between now and when it comes to recording. Additionally, I will probably do a few more game overview videos, as I have a backlog of games to look at. Again note that these are not review videos, and I will be refraining from giving an overall verdict in these videos, though I may talk about liking the game, but this is based upon my experiences with it after the first few hours, which gives me a chance to get a feel for how the game works, and any other things I might need to be aware of, such as hardware issues. I also my do a few “Lightning Plays” as well, for games that last for no longer than an hour, although I’ll do my best to fit it into a 30 minute video, although as of yet, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle such things.

Another option is doing a stream of the short game, but even then, I need to get some more experience at streaming first. I also need to do a hardware upgrade, as I’m now in a position to do so, although I’m a bit stuck about how to proceed regarding the core innards of the new system. I’ll work it out eventually, but I don’t expect any new hardware to be done in LPs till at least May, and even then, it will only be certain games. That said however, that will be the stage where I start recording in full HD as well, as my PC will be able to handle it. And the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking that I’ll probably need to go for a GeForce 1080 Ti. My reasoning is simple… streaming or recording will cause the game to drop frames by up to 40%, and in order to future proof, you need to get a card that will have +30% performance over what you need now, so although it may seem like overkill, the 1080 Ti is the card to get, though I will need to get the RAM and CPU to match it.

Of course, I now have to also go and replace my wireless card too, because by the looks of things, standard PCI slots have essentially been phased out of newer boards, so I have to now opt for a PCI-E x1 type wireless card. As far as expenses goes, this is not going to be cheap, but if I want to bring quality content, I need to have quality hardware to match. And yes, you can do good content on older computers, but my current build is over 7 years old at this point, and I’m going to need to get a fair chunk of RAM to facilitate video editing, and game reviews, and whatever else I’ll need to do in the future when doing Geeked Up or other stuff. Ultimately, I don’t want any bottlenecks regardless of what I’m doing, and my ultimate aim is not to need any major upgrades for another few years at least, if at all possible.

In any case, the upgrades I do will at least ensure that I’m able to provide Full HD Content, and perhaps in the future, 2K or 4K content as well, but I’m getting ahead of myself, considering I have yet to even manage 720p content! In any case, it should make text a lot easier to read, and allow people to have less pixelation with videos. One thing I am also currently in the process of doing is repurposing my laptop into a recording/streaming station. It’s too heavy to move around outside, so I’ll instead be using it in conjunction with my game consoles to record footage where the device needs a PC, or it will be used to watch Twitch chat, or whatever else needs doing. I’m honestly not sure of what role the laptop will ultimately have, but it’s still got quite a bit of life in it, especially after I switched out the 2x500GB HDDs for a 1TB HDD and a 256GB SSD, as well as a fresh Windows 7 64-bit install on it, so it now has the latest drivers possible, although hilariously, the laptop is even older than my desktop!

Still, if I can find 8GB of RAM for it (which is the maximum it can support), it will get an even better boost; installing a 64 bit version of Windows has already given it an extra 0.5GB to use, but I think that it needs to have its RAM maxed out so it can do more… although it will probably need a bit of a clean out of dust too!

Additonally, I eventually want to do some Geeked Up related stuff that isn’t to do with Let’s Plays, or game overviews/previews, and again, that will appear on my StormkeeperGU channel. I have a couple of things I can show, but I first need to learn how to use them properly. Additionally, I want to eventually do a monthly Q&A session, although it would be done on a Gamed Up or Geeked Up basis, rather than through my own GU channel, although that could change, depending on things.

And finally (man, this is longer than I expected!), I have been discussing with a couple of GU team members about this, and whilst it will start happening in May (although I’ll do a video sometime in April talking about this in more detail), I’m going to commission a segment (on our personal GU channels) called “GU Thrifts”. If you have seen LGR Thrifts, or more recently GBR Thrifts (from Nostalgia Nerd), then you have a general idea of what it will be about. I had the idea for a while now, but I was unsure as to how to do it for the UK – plus I probably need to be able to film what I’m doing – but when GBR Thrifts came along, it helped me see that there’s an interest in such things. I’ll talk about it more in a video, but it will definitely start happening around May, in time for the summer!

As always, watch this space for updates… and yeah, I’ll probably do the official GU Thrifts announcement in April’s update for my channel, as I’m the one starting it at my end, plus it’s meant to be a more personal perspective thing anyway. I’m looking forward to doing it, although I need to think about how to go about it.