Okay, so maybe there isn’t 400-482 followers on this blog…

I’m beginning to suspect that the amount of followers on this blog isn’t actually the stated number, due to the metrics of the blog not even remotely matching up with the visitor count!

Regardless, what I said about thanking people for following this blog and my sicial media presences (I appreciate it) still applies, though I’m not entirely sure if I’ll ever be able to see how many people are actually following the blog, so I’m not going to include it in any of my followers/subscribers in the future, at least till I’m sure of what is actually going on with it.

In any case, I’ll still be celebrating milestones through all other methods, and will use appropriate figures for milestones, with 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000 being the goals I’m going to work towards. Granted, I may not reach a milestone everywhere before the end of this year, but there’s at least a clear pattern as to what milestones I’ll be celebrating. Again, I’ll probably cluster some announcements together to reduce spam, but I’ve at least stated what sort of figures I’ll be making milestone announcements for.

In any case, if there were 400 plus followers, I’m sure I would have seen some sort of response on social media (or even engagement on the blog), even before I announced it, but I guess we’ll see what happens in the future… I’m not one to celebrate something till I’m assured it’s genuine though.

Edit: After finally looking through my stats page, I have learnt that besides me, there is one other follower, who has also liked this post, so thank you for both! In any case, I might just remove the followers widget, because it is clearly inaccurate, and I don’t want to have inaccurate figures reported!