New theme, some shameless self-promotion… and 400 followers on the blog?!?!

After realising things don’t quite work the way I want it to with my last theme, I have decided to change it. Admittedly, the colours aren’t how I like it, but hopefully it should be an improvement over the last one! Additionally, I have no idea how I managed to get to 400 followers (amazing!), but I’d like to say thank you for the follows, as well as humbly asking you to check out my other presences on social media, if you want to that is.

You can follow my social media accounts via the sidebar (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter only), or the icons at the top or bottom of every page. Additionally, be sure to check out the Geeked Up Network Discord server, if you haven’t already. I’m always connected to it (though perhaps not always available), so if you want to talk about geeky things, feel free to check it out!

I do plan to also acknowledge other milestones on the places I’m on once reached (though I’ll probably cluster them together to reduce the amount of post spam), so be sure to watch out for that, plus if you want to, you can also follow the Geeked Up & Network (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube) and Gamed Up (Facebook/Instagram/Twitch/Twitter/YouTube) social media presences, seeing as they’ll lead you on to other things, as even if I own the Geeked Up Network, I am still but a cog in that machine – even if for now, I’m a particularly large one – and I want to ensure that the focus isn’t always on me alone! On that note, be sure to also give my colleague TheShatner some love on Twitter and Twitch too, as he’s still getting started himself!

Again, I’d like to thank everyone who has followed me (whatever way(s) you chose to do so), or is about to follow, as it really does mean a lot to me, and I hope you’ll come join me when I finally upload some videos, come chat to me on Discord, or even tweet me!

Take care, and as always, watch this space for updates.

Edit: apparently, I’m at 482 now… and yet I have no notifications about it… do I actually have 482, or is that feature broken? I need to check…