Moving Forward

Okay folks, as you might already know, I do want to do stuff other than gameplay videos (which is why I have 2 separate YouTube channels serving this page), but apart from one video of my computer rescue, I didn’t have any other videos on my “Stormkeeper at Geeked Up” channel. This will eventually start to change, as I start building up my skills in other areas, although I will of course be continuing my Played Up (let’s play) and game preview videos. One thing I do want to do eventually is talk about my collection of retro computers and consoles, although I’m not yet sure what format that will take. I also want to do “Whatware” soonish, but again, I’m not sure what form that will take either. It is very likely though that I’ll be sticking all Whatware episodes on the Geeked Up YouTube channel, though I’ll set up a “Whatware Gaming” playlist on the main Gamed Up channel to take the appropriate videos out.
That said of course, I also want to properly start learning electronics, and subsequently do some console modding/repair videos, although that will probably close to the end of the year. Additionally, I’ll probably be uploading them to the Geeked Up channel, and setting up a playlist of the stuff I’m doing, seeing as there is likely to be at least one other person doing similar things to me under Geeked Up. In any case, it’s hoped that the videos will serve as some sort of guide to do certain things, although it should be said that you may find that the info we provide is mostly done by other YouTubers, but at the same time, we should try to start somewhere at least. Additionally, I’d be interested in seeing what people would like to see videos of, although at the same time, I’m aware that I haven’t much of a following right now. Still, I may as well start early on by saying that I’d be curious to see what people would want to see on either my personal GU channels, or one of the main GU channels, depending on how niche it is, as the more niche things will probably be on my channel instead, as I might be the only one tackling it. In any case, as time goes on, I hope to do videos that have me working at my desk eventually, but before all that happens, I need to first make sure that I have the space to work on, and that will take me some time to facilitate, but I will get there!
Ultimately though, I do have some ideas as to what I want to do around the summer time, seeing as Played Up and also the game previews will have my attention primarily. Again, expect to see the Played Up videos come back in March, although I will also be doing a few other videos on top of that, all of which should start benefitting from my new direction with handling videos, such as finally including editing, as well as the odd bit of text. It goes without saying almost that I’m going to cut out the superfluous stuff too (inventory management, going back to base, and other stuff that’s not very interesting to watch me do), although when I do live stuff, that will be there in all its glory! On the subject of live stuff, I do want to start doing something around the summer time, although it won’t be regular until I have gotten a feel for everything, and have everything in place that I need to. I have at least started adding some banners and the like to my social media and Twitch stuff, which makes me feel a bit more professional. They’re semi-permanent fixtures in the sense that I will probably update to something more appropriate later on, but until that comes along, they’re all I’ll be using.
I do eventually hope to collaborate with other YouTubers and, Twitch folks, in addition to my colleagues at Geeked Up, but it’s likely you won’t see many of those until I can get a slightly better PC to work with, and I’ve gotten used to playing games at a faster pace, because I’ve learnt in the past that I’m not necessarily able to keep up with people in multiplayer games at present, probably due to the fact that I’ve not played games in ages! In any case, I’d rather solo it for a while, and gently start collaborating with people on either slower-paced games, or games with no real objective, such as GMod. I will eventually get things up to speed, although I’m not sure how long it will take.
And that’s really about it for now. I’ve covered all the important things I wanted to cover for now, and I’m hoping that in another week or two, I’ll start recording again. I will also try to set up a calendar for my stuff before then, so you can see when videos are going to be published, as well as the eventual days for my live streaming, although as I have said before, that won’t be till the summer. I will however set up a page on this blog for a timetable for each of my personal GU channels, as well as the live stuff. They’ll all be shown on the same calendar page, but they will be colour-coded so you can see what you want to. Eventually, there will also be a live streaming timetable on the Gamed Up Blog, but all of this is still in the pipeline.
As always, I’ll keep you all posted one way or another.