Big plans: recording, upgrades, and the next few months…

So I’m currently in the process of upgrading my current PC setup, seeing as this PC is really interfering with my productivity at this stage!
Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to wait another 3-4 months before I switch over to my new setup, but my upgrade stages are as follows:
  • February: Motherboard
  • March: CPU
  • April: 240GB SSD
  • May: Windows 8.1/10 serial
  • August: GeForce 1050 Ti
Given that I will need to perform a reinstall after I get the CPU and motherboard (I already have the RAM), I’m going to need to wait till roughly mid-late May before I can actually put it all together, seeing as I’m doing a dual-boot on this system of Linux Mint and Windows (if I end up getting 10, I’ll be making sure that all the icky bits are dealt with one way or another). I might be lucky and get to do this sooner, if somehow I can scrape enough cash together to make it happen, but realistically I’ll have to do it bit by bit. I’ve yet to decide what CPU I want to get, although given the current price range I have (no more than 65 quid), I’m looking at either an i3 4150, or an i3 4330. I am aware that an i5 is better for a gaming PC, but unfortunately for me, I can’t afford even a relatively basic 4th gen i5. Despite this, both my CPU choices trump my current first gen i5 650, which is all that matters for now. I might eventually get myself an i5 down the line to replace the i3 I ultimately choose, but for now, I’m just keeping things affordable.
As for my GPU, I’m looking at what you see above; I was thinking of initially getting a 1050, but given a 1050 Ti is not much more (relatively speaking) than a 1050, I may as well go for the Ti! I’ll also have 4GB of VRAM, as opposed to just 2GB on a plain 1050. Of course, all this will again get replaced with a 6th or 7th gen Intel setup as part of my semi-ultimate build, but I may end up sticking with my “interim build” for longer than I initially expected to, seeing as I might just upgrade it to an i5 CPU and bring the 8GB RAM up to 16. I will need to get a 1+TB HDD at some point too, but I am hoping with the upgrade, I’ll have better options for gaming, because I’m mostly recording games with lower system requirements because playing games and recording them is taxing my setup; I can’t even record at 720p because it taxes the CPU too much!
Even if technically, a better GPU is the way to go, I’m upgrading (and replacing) my CPU first, in order for me to get some better performance that faster RAM (which is also doubled) will bring. Also, newer CPUs will bring in their own efficiencies.
With all that said, I’ll still be restarting my recording within the next few weeks, in order to prepare for a continuation of Sword of The Stars: The Pit, albeit with some better recording techniques, and also actual editing and stuff! Essentially, this means that my production values will be increased as a result. Of course, officially speaking, this is what I refer to as a “doss period” anyway, which means that I’m using the time to experiment and stuff, which also means that I can take a break at any time. Of course, I needed to take this break, due to having some health issues which I’ll discuss at another time, as I feel that talking about it needs a video, if not its own post. The bottom line is that even though I’m taking a break from LPs, I’ll still be active in other ways, such as networking, watching people’s streams (as part of the former, but also getting ideas), and also otherwise doing social media work, as well as also working on some of my other projects, in order to get a clear workflow going.
Let’s Plays have different demands on me compared to my other projects, in that I record for them on a less frequent basis (with LPs requiring more of my time), and also I have others to work with on those videos too. In any case, I’m going to be looking at doing my SOTS: The Pit video twice-weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9pm, with the mystery game being done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The former will be done in 30-35 minute chunks, whereas the latter will be done within 20-25 minute chunks. It should also be noted that I cannot really die permanently in the mystery game, so it will continue until I’ve completed it… and then after that, I’ll see what happens. That is a very long way away, and I haven’t even mentioned the title yet! In any case, you’ll see similar techniques with both games in that I’ll be publishing around an hour of footage each week for each game, and where appropriate, I’ll now start editing the superfluous stuff, such as inventory management and the other boring stuff. I’ll also be starting the mystery game 2 weeks after I’ve done SOTS: The Pit.
Additionally, I’ll try to cut down on the intro/ending chatter a bit too where I can, although I am aware that I still have areas that will need to improve. I’m hoping that after a few months, things will be a bit smoother for me, and I can start adding some new games into my rotation, such as The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, and/or Antibirth, as they always seem to be quite popular with viewers. However, I should note that in those instances, I will not be splitting the playthroughs up, seeing as Isaac is a single-sitting sort of game. Of course, I’m waiting for some time before I tackle that, as I need to learn how to talk for around an hour straight! One thing that will probably be happening before then is that I’ll start streaming, and the first game I’ll be doing is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Why? Well, first of all, I want to play around with OpenMW, seeing as it makes playing the game a lot smoother, and secondly, it’s cross-platform for Linux and Windows, meaning if I change over to Linux for some reason, I’ll still be able to record (as OBS is available for Linux too!), and both Isaac (which will probably be an ongoing series), and SOTS: The Pit are also available on Linux.
I do eventually want to do the newer XCOM games, as well as the classic 3 games (all of which are compatible with Linux), and also restart Starbound, and maybe do a bit of Minecraft, and StarMade too. In any case, I have a lot to plan for, and my immediate plans are ultimately going for as many cross-platform games as possible, although realistically, I probably won’t start doing any Linux gaming until I get the GeForce card, and even then it may be a few weeks before I start moving in that direction. I’ve revealed a lot about things I plan to do now, although from March, I’m going to start publishing monthly updates; ones that go over what I did since the last update, and what I plan to do for the coming month. There will also be an accompanying blog post which will go into more detail with this, as I don’t want to exceed 20 minutes for each update, though it may be April before you start seeing the first video, with March seeing the first proper monthly update post. This means that I have a little over a month to start working on a better format. This post is a quasi-monthly post, in that I am summarising a few things I’ve done in the past, as well as future plans, but it’s far too long to be considered a monthly post, at least for now! I’ll probably refer back to this post for my first “Monthly Update”, but this isn’t actually one.
Of course, the above will still cover my overall plan for February, namely the new recording methods for SOTS: The Pit, it being continued from the first week in March, with the mystery game starting on the 3rd week of March, a good 3+ months from when it should have commenced! I do apologise about that, but I don’t want to have 2 series on the go that need improvement at once, plus I was starting to get stressed with trying to keep up with recordings, which I ultimately failed to do many times! At least with my break, I have time to make a schedule and plans for where I want to go, because I really can’t play things by ear when it comes to doing LPs!
Anyway, I’ve talked your ears (or eyes!) off at this point I’m sure, so I’ll leave you with a couple final things:
  1. Thanks a million for your support, it really means a great deal to me! Also, I appreciate any suggestions or comments you guys have made in the past, or will make in the future; it’s important for me to get feedback, so I can improve!
  2. Also, feel free to have a cookie if you read all of this!
  3. Oh, and also… be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Twitch if you don’t already, as it helps me out! Thank you if you have already done so, and thank you if you’re going to do so now.

With all that said, I’m now going to leave it here… I promise that my blog posts will be a bit less verbose the next time, or at least in more manageable chunks!

Take care, and see you all later on.