Going on a break…

Okay, so as of today, I’m taking a semi-break from posting videos, especially my Let’s Play ones. The reasoning behind this is so I’m able to take a step back, and have a long think about how I’m going to do future videos, as well as actually taking the time to properly learn editing and related stuff, and playing catch up isn’t really the best way of doing things!
SOTS: The Pit will return with the next character in line, whereas the mystery game will finally start. I’m still going to be recording videos for other channels, and will soon do some recording for my PU channel, so I can get the editing sorted, but I won’t be posting anything to the channel at least till around the start of March or April. Keep in mind as well that it’s around April that things will properly start anyway, so taking a break isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if it improves the content of the videos.
I’ll still occasionally be checking my channel, and I’ll also be hanging out on the /r/Let’sPlayCollab and /r/LetsPlay Discord channels, if you want to come and say hello! Also, feel free to post comments, suggestions, etc. on the blog entry, social media posts, and also feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you want a chat as I will still be around.
In any case, once I come back to the LP stuff, things should hopefully be improved, as I’m going to make a few changes to the way I record things in order to make things a bit more professional, and hopefully this break will allow me to set up a schedule, so I’m not scrambling to keep up! Additionally, I’ll be open to collaborations from around the summer time (possibly before), after I have my solo schedule sorted.
The end result will mean that I’ll be less stressed about trying to upload videos and stuff, and I actually will be able to be able to do more with my videos in the future, seeing as I’ll finally learn how to edit, as well as doing some more fancy things with videos! People will therefore get a much better experience.
But that’s it for now… I’ll still be making the occasional blog post, and will still be active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube (though not posting videos), so I won’t disappear from the internet entirely!
I hope to see you guys around soon at some point or another.