New year, new plans

Okay folks, I’m stalling the uploading of any new videos until next weekend, because as part of my new system, I’ll actually be editing things this time around! Unfortunately, given that I only got back home yesterday, and also I’m still sorting through things, I can’t realistically upload anything for at least a week anyway! I’m hoping that editing will at least mean that I can sort out the sound levels better, as well as changing the way I record videos, as well as having more even uploads as a result, as well as cutting out any “guff”, such as times where I have to stop what I’m doing for a time, or otherwise just editing out the boring bits.
This will also mean that I’ll be recording sessions in one “go”, and subsequently splitting them up into roughly even chunks for upload. The mystery game will be the first series to have that happen fully, although The Pit will have it from here on out too, hence the delay with that; it doesn’t make sense to switch to the old way later on, given that I’d have missed the deadline for upload anyway, and I have a week to do that too. Note that there may be a few hiccups along the way, though I hope that ultimately things will be a bit more professional and consistent as a result. Those of you who follow my other non Geeked Up related shows will notice the same happening with those as well, although I will mention now that they will be released at the end of March/beginning of April time.
Ultimately, this year will mean that I’m now stepping up the level of professionalism with all my videos, and will start working more properly to a schedule; the past while was essentially practice, as well as actually getting a series started, but as we go further into the year, things will start working a bit better, as and when I work out some schedules. In any case, expect some more professional stuff happening from now on, as well as the gradual launch of new series, although older series will come first. I will also start moving my larger posts to a blog entry, rather than post on the page itself, plus when I can, I’ll be setting up a proper self-hosted blog, along with other Geeked Up and Gamed Up sites.
The new year gives me the chance to start some good habits, although it’ll take time for me to develop them further, but in the end, Geeked Up will start taking off from this year, especially as other members of the team start up their stuff. I will also start trying to bring a few shows in, as well as start with some more frequent uploads with my Stormkeeper at Geeked Up channel. I hope to eventually start up Whatware soon as well, but I have yet to work out a format for the show, so it’ll be later on in the year when that gets started. I will say at least that the idea for it was partially influenced by LGR’s Oddware, but I also hope to incorporate some elements of the DiggerKrew project I have worked on into it too. Even though it will have those influences, it will also be its own thing entirely, although I will probably have 2 separate editions; one will focus on computer hardware and software, and the other will be focused on game console hardware and software, called Whatware Computing and Whatware Gaming.
Whilst it’ll be likely that I’ll upload them separately to the (relevant) Geeked Up and Gamed Up channels, there’s also the possibility that I keep them on a single channel, or even launch a separate channel entirely, if there is a reason to do so. That said however, it isn’t as big as the DiggerKrew channel, so that is perhaps a distant second option, although a lot can happen over the course of a few weeks. In any case, my first priority will be to finally launch the mystery game, and also set up schedules for all my Played Up by Stormkeeper videos, as well as making them a bit more professional. I do also want to start making a few videos for my Stormkeeper at Geeked Up channel, although I’m not yet sure how to proceed there yet either!
The bottom line is though that I’ll be making a lot of things a bit more polished and professional on my LP channel, and I’ll be relaunching some previous series and giving them the same treatment. I’ll also try to make less gameplay-focused videos on my personal Geeked Up Channel, as well as launching a series or two on the main channels. It may take me a little while to get up to the standard I need to with my videos, but rest assured, I will get there eventually. That said however, I will also need to make sure I have enough material for any series going onto the main channel.
As always though, watch this space for developments.