Update: 23-12-16

Okay folks, due to my being completely disorganised, this Friday’s episode will be uploaded a bit late.
Additionally, I’m going to do a couple of recordings tonight for The Pit and also the mystery game, which should cover me for the next couple of weeks. or so over Xmas and the New Year’s period. Additionally, sometime in the future, my production values will be upped slightly via incorporating editing the videos in order to make sure the sound levels are correctly done. That said however, I’ve got some new sound settings that I need to quickly experiment with before I start recording for the next couple of weeks.
If you notice any issues with these videos, please do let me know what they are and I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen in future videos, as unfortunately, I’ll be unable to upload any edits that I’ve done to previous videos, given that YouTube doesn’t allow video updates (as far as I’m aware). In any case, I’m hoping that my voice should at least be more audible compared to what it was before, when the game audio was louder. Also, I will eventually be doing some collaborations with people (both other Gamed Up team members, and other YouTubers), so you’ll possibly see me on other peoples’ channels, and them on mine. Additionally, given I now know how to record to multiple audio tracks in OBS, once I have gotten into editing, I’ll be incorporating music into my game videos where there is none.
Again, I’ll reiterate that tonight’s video will be a bit late, but I’ll be recording three in one go for The Pit, and I might try something new this time; instead of having short videos, I’m instead going to merge the shorter episode into the start of the new one, though I’ll indicate that it’s a new character primarily. This way, I can have a consistent length with my videos. I’m going to make all my videos a minimum of 35 minutes in length (at least where multiple parts are concerned), in order to facilitate a quick catch-up from the last episode, as well as any transitions between characters or other such information. Games that are meant to be played in singular sessions, such as The Binding of Isaac Rebirth will be played until I complete the run, or in certain cases, when I’ve died (providing they’re long enough. I should also mention that in those sorts of games, if I die too many times, I’ll keep the “win count”, but I will explain why there’s a difference between the counts between episodes.
I’ll be making other changes here and there over the coming months in order to get things working better for the channel. I’ll try to inform everyone about them when I can, but also keep in mind that I may forget to mention them, but ultimately, they’ll all be for the betterment of the channel, and Gamed Up as a whole. One thing I do want to try to do is do a monthly video (starting around March and April) to act as a supplement to these blog posts, as well as providing a summary of things that happened over the past month, in case people want to listen to what is being said, rather than reading about it.
In any case, next year is going to be the time when the Geeked Up Network really starts taking off, and not just my channels! I can’t say what is happening yet, seeing as I’m still trying to nail a lot of things down, plus I want to keep it all a secret 😛
Lastly, in case this is the last chance over this period I get to write anything (although I have other pages to address as well!), I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate this time of year), and a safe and prosperous new year. You’ll possibly next hear from me around mid-January, but remember, the videos will still be going up, even when I’m not available!
See you all next year.