Update and starting post

This is actually the very first blog post I’ve made on this blog, and I expect to make more as time goes on. In any case, like I said before, this should reduce the wall of text on the Facebook page. Additionally, this blog is linked into Twitter, so any time I update the blog, it should push through a Twitter post in the same way YouTube pushes an update to Twitter, meaning that I need only make a post and publish it for it to be announced in the appropriate places. In the future, the blog will be posted on its own subdomain space, but until that happens, all lengthy updates will be posted here.

Anyway, I’m aware that I’ve been very inactive as of late, but I haven’t been well enough to do recording, as I want to ensure I keep to a standard of quality which I feel that I could not otherwise keep. In any case, I’m going to try to do a ‘Played Up’ recording this week, of SOTS: The Pit, which is now complete with all DLC, so should offer a slightly new experience. I’ll be restarting as the Marine, as I never fully played with him, though I do plan to try a new character each time I start a new run, before I start choosing a random character in order to complete the game. To this end, I’ll be titling all future videos as Sword Of The Stars: The Pit – [Character Name] [X]/[YY] | Episode [ZZZ].

Simply put, “X” denotes the number of the run, “YY” denotes the episode of that run, and “ZZZ” denotes the overall episode. The reason why I’m doing this is because the game is made to be played over an extended period of time, and also has multiple classes, which means that it would otherwise get very messy if I didn’t keep track of these things. It’s not like The Binding of Isaac, or Enter The Gungeon where although there are multiple classes, everything is expected to be done in a single run, which means that something like the above isn’t needed.
Any roguelike/roguelite that isn’t essentially a single session game (usually about an hour at most, but generally less) will have a similar scale implemented. Of course, that might also mean that I’ll have to do a similar thing for games like Starbound, and Terraria, but in any case, it will only affect certain games, and you’ll see the format I’ll be using, as and when I implement it. It should be easy enough to follow though. If there’s any issues, feel free to contact me, or comment here.
I’m going to put Isaac and Starbound on hold until February next year, in order to give me some practice on both, as I’ve not had a chance to play either as of yet, so I should be able to build up a decent standard to play by then. You may have noticed that this means that I’ll only be playing SOTS: The Pit until then, except I’m keeping the 2 week gap that I said I would before. Instead, I’ll be uploading a video every Saturday of a game I’ll not yet reveal until the 3rd of December, by which time, all should become clear. If you know what game it is, then don’t say anything until I’ve revealed it in December!
 I’m hoping that between having a turn-based game, and also a game I’m very familiar with will benefit me immensely, both in terms of ability to do my Played Up vides at a decent standard, and also helping me with my experience. That said of course, given the festive season is coming up, scaling back on games I’ll be doing for Played Up is probably a good idea, as I need to do a couple of double recording sessions to cover the time I’ll be away for Xmas and New Year, which will be for a total of 2 weeks, though I may cover myself for 3-4 weeks in total, both so I can settle back into things, but also in case somehow I get delayed in coming back. Given that the videos I’d be recording in advance at a bare minimum will be going up on the 23rd/24th and 30th/31st December, I’m not expecting that they’ll necessarily be viewed on the day they’re due to it being “busy”. That said of course, I might want to also record for the 6th/7th of January, as a cushion.
I probably should look into starting the videos right now actually, because thinking about it, if I need to progress the game up till the first weekend of 2017, I have a lot of work to do! Ultimately, I’m going to try to get the videos up by about 10pm every Friday and Saturday, with only SOTS: The Pit being published for the remaining 2 weekends in November. I may also have to consider other events that will occur during the new year, so from here on out, I have to run a tight schedule in order to make my deadlines. It’ll be a bumpy ride for me, but I think I’ll be up to the challenge. I’ve also updated OBS to the latest version, so hopefully there should be a little more stability, but before I properly start recording, I’ll be making sure that all the volume levels are correct!
It’s at this point that I’ll need to strap myself in and get ready to take off, because it’ll probably get pretty intense at this stage! Lastly, I’ll be spinning off Gamed Up On The Table from the Gamed Up YouTube channel (which should happen before December), because it’s ultimately what’s best to do. Do keep in mind though that there is no split from the Facebook or Twitter pages, so any video uploads from either will still be pumped through there, because right now there isn’t much of a need to do so, but that may change in the future, depending. The rest of the Geeked Up team will start getting mobilised between now and February 2017 in order to help get things up and running.
As always, watch this space for developments.